Codelocker32 OCX

Anti Piracy Activex Component for Visual Basic



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Main Features
Absolutely secure copy protection: CodeLocker32 uses the most advanced techniques known for multiple-crosslinked encryption of codes. The product's design has been extremely careful, and since its inception CodeLocker32 has never been cracked or penetrated.

Easy to use, but powerful. Forget about complex DLL calls or functions use. CodeLocker32 is an ActiveX control, which means that you can protect your application by setting a few properties and writing three or four lines of code.

You pay no Royalties. Once you purchase CodeLocker32 you can protect unlimited copies of your program with no additional cost. And there are absolutely no hidden costs here.



New version 3.15 available

A new version has been released on March 2003.

Try it out now. If you are a registered user just install it and your license will remain active.



No dongles, software based only. You can license applications remotely, via encrypted codes. You don't need to ship anything to your customer; CodeLocker32 is completely software-based.

Secure and compatible key disks. If you ship your software, CodeLocker32 supports the use of key disks that can't be copied, and work perfectly on any 32bits Windows version.

Create trial licenses. You can distribute via internet a trial version of your program, and you can configure it to work only for a limited number of days. This way you can create evaluation versions or rent your software instead of selling it.

License your customers remotely. With only passing a code to your customer, you can register the application. Of course, the code will only work with that customer, and if the application is copied, it will become a demo/trial in the new machine.

No one will work with your demos for free if you don't wish it. If someone attempts to install a trial version for the second time in the same computer, it will not run. CodeLocker32 will mark his system, and will prompt him for registration.

You get free, lifetime tech support. Our technical support staff will answer your questions or give you advice about the best way of integrate CodeLocker32 with your product.

You get all future versions of CodeLocker32 for free. CodeLocker32 will always provide absolute copy protection for your software. Each time CodeLocker32 is upgraded you are assured that your program is wrapped in the latest technology available and obsolesce is a concern of the past.